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Most people struggle with standing out.  Being different is scary.  Blending in with the crowd is easy because everyone else is doing it.  I create music to help people that are afraid to stand out, stand out.  When you step out of your comfort zone you embrace what makes you different, become more confident, and grow your brand.  



Back 2 The future

Imagine knowing where the market is going before it happens.  You would make sure what you do today, counts toward tomorrow.  Back 2 The Future is a project that encourages you to embrace changes in the market by making what you do today, count!


Sound Design

Most artists struggle with finding engineers that fit their style.  They waste money recording in studios that don’t care about their career.  We provide sound design services that are carefully crafted to give you a crisp sound. 

Apple Dapple

Tune into the weekly Apple Dapple channel about standing out in a crowded market, featuring vlogs, make-up tutorials and branding tips.

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